Poor heating on a college campus

I had a roommate in college that was always freezing cold in our dorm.

  • No matter what she did she just couldn’t seem to get warm.

I will admit that they could have afforded to use a little more heat in the dorm, but it didn’t seem that bad to me. We actually became even better friends once I bought her an electric blanket later in the fall semester! She was so very grateful for the gesture. She did not talk much of home, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that she was from much farther down south. The accent was a bit of a tip-off! I suppose I could understand if she was used to much more warm and humid temperatures. As I said, I did not think our dorms were necessarily freezing cold, but I very much agreed with her when she complained about how cold our classrooms were in certain buildings. The older buildings on campus did not have the best heating to say the least. At least a couple of them were still relying on old boiler systems, which was crazy in my mind. Whether or not you got classes in the more modern and properly heated buildings was a gamble. There was no set pattern, so it wasn’t like the classes considered to be less important were in the older buildings or anything. We had certain classes together and I felt so bad for her when we had to take them in the colder rooms. She was all bundled up and I can tell she could barely concentrate.