Portable A/C equipment – take it to the garage when sleeping in doghouse

Ten years ago when I was still in college I lived in a awful apartment building.

I couldn’t afford to live on my own, so I moved in with many other roommates in a four-home office apartment.

This venue was falling apart from the moment that every one of us got there, and there was something modern to service everyday. The heating and cooling idea was especially problematic, because every one of us had to share 1 single window A/C equipment for all 4 roommates. As you can imagine, it was incredibly boiling and I spent various sleepless afternoons in the apartment. At some point, I got smart and purchased myself a small portable cooling system. I dragged it into my room and had my own personal cooling idea while every one of us were in the worst of the Summer season. When I graduated, I wasn’t sure what to do with the portable A/C system. I did not want to throw it away, so I carted it around with me everywhere that I lived. There were various times that I almost threw it away. These afternoons, I’m especially happy that I kept my portable air conditioning idea all those years, and even though I’m now a grown adult, there are still circumstances when I need some extra cooling power in my life. The first time my wifey and I had a awful argument and she kicked me out of the bed, I spent a sleeplessly humid night in the garage, then by the fourth time she had done that, I was a professional. I pulled out my portable air conditioning idea and started managing the indoor air temperature. As long as I’m in the doghouse, I’m going to be comfortable.

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