Recently, a Buddhist monk in northeast Thailand rigged up a do-it-yourself guillotine next to a religious statue and deliberately chopped his head off. It was later learned that the monk had been planning his self-decapitation for five years. The motivation for the beheading was the monk’s wish to “offer his head and his soul so that the Lord could help him reincarnate as a higher spiritual being in the next life.” I wonder how the monk rehearsed to make sure that everything went smoothly and how the guillotine went unnoticed for five years? Planned suicides are rare, but it is always good advice to prepare for any project. Homeowners planning to install a new HVAC unit will not be directly involved in the installation but there are things they can do to prepare for when the trucks arrive to drop off the comfort-giving machine. First, make sure that the existing ductwork is leak-tight and clean. The HVAC installers may be able to help with this task. Another task to ensure a smooth and delay-free installation is to make sure the slab where the outdoor condenser will sit is in a sheltered and shady location. The slab needs to be as level as possible with about two feet of clearance. Be sure to sequester pets during the install, move your furniture, and clear the way for the HVAC installers. A sofa or toys on the floor could present a hazard for installers toting in a gas or electric furnace with the evaporator coil unit. Finally, don’t be afraid to “stick your neck out” and double-check that the unit ordered is the correct one that arrives at your door. Delivery errors are rare, but there is no need to lose your head over it.

Cooling representative