Printing labels for my crafts

I own a candle corporation and it easily has been taking off.

One thing is that I am getting more online orders than in store, then i used to take an seasoned box I found lying around the house, hand wrote a label and then sent it out, however there are too more than 2 orders to do the label making by hand. I found online a Gerber Edge FX that does print out the labels. The Gerber printer can rest right on my desk and print whatever I type in the system, however what is easily nice is now I have been working on a label for my candles. I want to put a printed label with my name, iphone number and product information on the candle. Then the shipped box has a label on it. The Gerber pinter has been working out easily well. The issue is consistently decreasing what to type in; So what I have been doing is making my at beach house digital printer do the shipping address. I then put that on the box with tape and the Gerber printer does the candle label and a product label on the box. That way the information stays the same no matter what the order is. That printing process is so much easier and more professional. The colors are bright, simple to read and sticks onto my product perfect. I need to get a better way to make the shipping information look better. It needs to be an easier method of decreasing information to be printed on a box. I wonder if a bigger Gerber product would do it.

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