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Last week, I was at the printers and talking to the man who was doing the printing of my new business cards.  We got talking about old times and he brought up Benjamin Franklin. It kind of struck me as funny that we were talking about a man that lived 250 years ago.  Then I remembered my history lessons and how it was Benjamin Franklin who supposedly invented the first printing press. With the newfound printing that he was able to do, everyone got the same news and there was no word of mouth news to be misconstrued.  Have you ever played the game where you whisper something in someone’s ear. You wait to see what people hear when the last person tells you what the first person said. This is a great game for children and adults, but it can be really hilarious at an adult party, when half of them are drinking.  My point is, that when everyone was relating the story, we ended up with the witch hunts. He said that if more people went back to the printed cards and invitations, more families would be closer. I wasn’t so sure I agreed with him, at first, but the more he talked, the more I knew what he was saying.  It is important to stay close to families. If someone doesn’t show up for a wedding or for a birthday party, you tend to feel slighted. If I’m not sending out invitations and making it word of mouth, I have no idea who has actually heard about the event. He was right, and I have decided to make all of my events a send a printed card event.  

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