Problems with indoor air quality at the gym

For the past several years, I’ve maintained a gym membership. The location of the fitness center is very convenient. It’s right on the way home from work and I make it a point to workout four or five evenings per week. After a long day spent sitting at a desk, it feels great to get my heart pumping and work up a sweat. I spend a little over an hour on my workout and combine cardio with strength training and a great deal of stretching. Because of this, I don’t suffer from the problems that many of my coworkers deal with. I don’t have soreness in my neck, shoulders, back or hips. I’ve never had any issue with carpal tunnel and I maintain a healthy weight. I believe that I am far more productive because of my dedication to fitness. However, late last spring, I started to suffer from allergy symptoms. At the end of every workout, I’d leave the gym with a headache, sore throat, itchy eyes and congestion. I’d sneeze and cough and feel miserable for several hours. I realized that my symptoms were showing up shortly after I stepped inside the gym and as the outside weather warmed up, I felt worse. I became suspicious that my problems were caused by poor indoor air quality. I finally complained to a staff member at the gym, and they promised to look into it. I found out later that they then called in an HVAC contractor to service the air conditioner. The cooling system was apparently overrun with mold and the spores were getting introduced into the breathing air every time it started up.
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