Problems with new heat pump already

Last year, my wife and I talked about remodeling our home. The house was 50 years old, and we needed to make some necessary changes. We installed a brand new fence around the backyard. We had a brand new 50 year architectural roof installed as well. We also found out that our heat pump needed to be replaced. We didn’t replace the heat pump until the entire remodel was almost finished. We hired an HVAC installation crew to install the new heat pump. It’s only been three weeks since the new heat pump was installed, and we are already experiencing some problems. The outdoor temperatures are cold, so we have been using the heat pump every day. When I woke up yesterday, the indoor temperatures were very cold. The heat pump didn’t warm up our home to the desired temperature on our thermostat. I contacted the HVAC installation crew and told them we were experiencing problems with the heat pump. Luckily, our heat pump is still under warranty. They came out to look at the heat pump yesterday, and they examined every part of the HVAC plan. The heat pump had a faulty part, which was keeping the machine from properly producing heat. The crew technician replaced the faulty part and thoroughly investigated the rest of my HVAC plan. I didn’t pay a single dollar for the 3 hour long service call. Thank goodness we were still under the warranty, because the bill would have been extravagant. I hope we won’t have any further problems, now that the heat pump has been restored.

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