Prom needed a/c

Everyone I have talked to,  normally has a lot of fond memories of their senior prom.  I thought I would come away with fond memories. I had the beautiful prom gown.  I looked forward to the music and the fun of dancing with my friends. I couldn’t wait to see all of the guys in their tuxedos.  My friends and I had rented a limousine to take us to the prom because we wanted to arrive in style. We were a bit early, and we were able to all sit together and get our picture taken as a group.  The hall was beautifully decorated and the air conditioning was cool to accomodate for the over two hundred guests who be there that night. We ate sparingly, so our gowns didn’t get overly tight through the evening, but we had a lot to drink.  About the time they were getting ready to crown the kind and queen, the ballroom got very quiet. We soon realized that the air conditioning was no longer running. It didn’t take long for everyone to become sweaty, without the air conditioning.  Maybe people started to head home, because no one could find someone to report the lack of air conditioning. Some of the kids stayed till the end, but I doubt that without AC, anyone was comfortable. This was over twenty years ago, but I still have the memories etched in my brain.  An otherwise beautiful prom was ruined by the lack of air conditioning. I think my friends and I had a lot more fun after leaving the prom.