Propane heater giveaway

During the last month, the local propane store has been holding a raffle. Every time someone makes a purchase, their name is entered in the free giveaway. The propane store is going to give away a free stand up heater. The stand up heater is a $200 value and really handy during these winter months. The stand up heater is great for parties and events. The heater has a space to hide the propane tank, and blends into the background easily. This heater is a great addition to any patio or carport. The propane heater provides plenty of warm air for a 200 square foot area. I found out about the giveaway, when I had the furnace service appointment last month. Our family was entered into the drawing. Last weekend, I received a telephone call from the local propane store. My family and I did not win the new propane heater, but our name was drawn for a consolation prize. We won four tickets to the movies in our neighborhood. My kids were very excited, because they wanted to see the new Marvel Comics movie. I wouldn’t normally pay that much money to see something in the theater. I usually make the kids wait until the movie is at the Redbox. When I told them about the free movie tickets, they were completely ecstatic.Since the tickets were free, we went to the movies on opening day. The kids saved their allowance, so they could buy popcorn and candy at the movies. I paid for all the slurpees. We had a really nice time, thanks to the propane dealership.

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