Proper hydration and the importance of climate control in extreme heat working conditions

Proper hydration in summer weather is absolutely essential. The more extreme the higher temperatures, and often the higher the humidity, the more important it is for you to maintain your fluid intake. I live in a part of the country when the summer’s can be absolutely brutal. Is especially dangerous for those who work outside to deal with a summer heat. Such workers need a plentiful source of cold water. Air conditioner can also be a lifesaver, figuratively, but perhaps also literally at times. I’ve had a couple jobs where hydration and protection from extreme heat were big concerns. Thankfully, for the most part, my managers were very understanding when it came to taking water breaks and coming inside to an air-conditioned building for relief. However, I have heard horror stories from other job sites where workers were denied the proper hydration and cooler temperatures they needed to recover from their work out in the brutal heat. These days, such treatment is simply unacceptable. Workers should be allowed to take advantage of an air-conditioned environment whenever it is possible. I can remember that those supervisors who were a bit too harsh about how long we were expected to work out in the hot sun were off and chided by upper management. The simple question posed was how would you like to work out there for the amount of hours that you expect from your employees without access to water or air conditioner? At that point, they pretty much knew that if they continued to protest our breaks, they would find themselves out there learning for themselves just how tough it could be without the benefit of air conditioner and hydration!

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