Pros of a geothermal heat pump

Someday I am going to have the currency & purchase a geothermal heat pump system… First, a heat pump doesn’t require HVAC duct which is amazing; Ductwork can get even the tiniest of holes & allow for a sizable increase in utility bills, then additionally, HVAC duct gets dirty! Hair, pet dander, dust & bugs get into the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C ducts & then air is being blown over it, then the indoor air quality in a apartment is significantly worse when the apartment requires HVAC duct.

A heat pump uses indoor air handlers in each room of the house, however no series of ducts required.

Since each room has its own equipment & control unit, zone control is possible; You can set areas to different temperatures. Unused rooms don’t need to get Heating, Ventilation, & A/C & it saves you currency… Enjoy cooling while cooking in the entryway however not bother those in the entryway with heating. Pretty neat right? A geothermal heat pump provides heating & cooling in a more efficient manner. The outdoor equipment is buried underground in a loop system, then it takes existing heat energy from underground in the Winter & pumps it indoors. It does the same in the summertime, only the heat energy is pushed outside. Using the existing heat energy is so much more efficient that this method pays for itself in under a year. The air is much cleaner too because you are introducing outdoor air, and rather than the same, stale air being cycled around, new clean air is being brought in. The only con with this method is the upfront upgrade cost on it.

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