Proud of my wife

Today was the day that my wife officially became a certified HVAC repair tech.

When my wife told me about a year ago that she wanted to change careers from an office job to being a repair tech I truly couldn’t believe it. Now don’t get me wrong I love and support my wife no matter what she does, but out of all of the things she could be in life I never actually thought that she would want to work in the rough and tough HVAC industry. My wife was highly focused from the very start however, and thanks to hard work and dedication she was able to accomplish her goals in a big way. One of the number one reasons that she ended up making this change in her career was that her father who passed away last year worked as an HVAC repair tech his entire life. He as well as his company are well renowned around the entire state, and since he passed away unexpectedly my wife wanted to help continue and finish his legacy in the HVAC industry. My wife ended up performing so well during her fellowship and training courses that she was offered a job at one of the local HVAC repair companies in town. Now she will be able to be on her feet during the day, work with her hands, and most importantly to her, help continue her fathers HVAC legacy. I truly couldn’t be more proud of my wife for what she has been able to accomplish, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the HVAC industry.


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