Public transport and HVAC

I like to go to public auctions and police auctions, even though I hardly ever buy anything from them. I just like to go and gawk and see what sort of things are selling, and how cheap they might be. I do make a purchase sometimes, but it is honestly a rare thing that I indulge myself. One time I bought an old police cruiser that was in good shape. It had an immense V8 engine, and it only cost four hundred bucks, so how could I pass it up? I made an impulse buy one other time, and I ended up buying a cottage for a tiny fraction of the property’s value. The cottage had no A/C or indoor plumbing, but for the price I paid for it, who cares, right? After closing, just buying the cottage as is, with sight unseen, I finally made my way out there to take stock of it, and it actually hit me how disappointing the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C situation was. There was no A/C unit at all, and the gas furnace was an immense wrought iron monstrosity that was designed to burn coal and wood! And even worse, the little ductwork there was had all been jam packed full of junk like branches and leaves. It appeared as if the local squirrels had found their way into the air ducts in the cottage and converted them into family housing. That meant before I could get any A/C in there, I would need to clear out the ductwork. Before I cleared out the air ducts, though, I would need to chase out or exterminate an entire colony of squirrels! I knew that wouldn’t be simple at all.

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