Putting sickness to a halt

If you are anything like me then you aren’t the best at doing annually upkeep on your house.

I had no idea how much a work a apartment was when I first moved in, but I am slowly studying.

I now fully understand how important it is to take care of small things, especially the HVAC plan in your house. The HVAC plan is kind of care about the lungs of your house, considering that it is the air you inhale. I wasn’t taking care of my HVAC system, and my lungs were paying the price. I was experiencing horrible flu symptoms and I couldn’t’ figure it out though. I talked to my father that works as an HVAC repairman and almost immediately he eventually solved the problem. It turns out that the air filters in my gas furnace had never been changed and they were so dirty that he almost threw up! He told me that in all of his years working in the field as an HVAC professional he had never seen a dirty gas furnace filter in such bad shape! I was a little amazed and grossed out at the same time, and I ordered a bunch of new filters for my gas furnace. Along with that I got new filters for my AC component because I figured that they also hadn’t been changed, however when I got the new filters for my HVAC plan I installed them and the next afternoon I saw how much of a difference the new filters made for my HVAC system. I have told all of my friends about the gas furnace filters and what they did for my flu symptoms and quite a lot of them have checked their own HVAC systems. I am blissful that I was able to learn more about my HVAC unit and help out the issue at last.



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