Putting the heated air where it needs to go

There are mean, ecstatic plus weepy drunks, and i lose all motor skills when I get drunk. I lose control of our neck plus our head just bobs. I then have trouble kneeling up plus end up sitting on a floor. I am a lot of fun while I flop around like a dead fish though! The only issue is that occasionally in our flopping I cause lots of disfigure. I was at our buddy Kevin’s cabin the last time I was hammered. In the middle of the night, I decided to go downstairs plus get some water. As I was walking down the stairs, I lost control of my footing. I tumbled down the whole flight of stairs. As I was falling, I grabbed at random things on the wall to help me… One of the things I grabbed was Kevin’s smart temperature control. I literally ripped that sucker right out of the wall. The smart temperature control is the control unit for the entire HVAC. I literally ripped out Kevin’s control system for heating and air conditioning. I did not realize this until the next day, but needless to say Kevin was not ecstatic. I ripped down a ton of pictures plus ruined a sizable piece of HVAC equipment. I have told him I would pay him back for the smart temperature control, and he took me up on the offer–now I regret it. I have price checked smart temperature controls and they are super extravagant. I thought thermostats were like $10. I made a single drunken error. I actually don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on Kevin’s HVAC because of it.

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