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My other daughter wanted to break and style some hair for her living, so she decided to attend beauty college. I never suggested College was and idea, and was entirely proud for her decision making skills. She easily knew exactly what to do with life. Our second daughter wanted to work as a chef, so we decided to send her down to culinary college. She know makes a very wonderful living as an executive chef. She takes great pride in work and cares about that type of life. How are young daughter also decided to do something in trade school. She worked to become a heating and A/C device systems specialist. There is a 17 month program down by the trade College. I wanted to pay for the heating and A/C school, but she wanted to be self adequate and resisted at first. She agreed on the conditions that my wife and I would receive Lifetime Assistance on our furnace and A/C unit at no cost. Well she attended some of those classes, she used the heating and A/C device in our home to have a visual indication. There was easily a single time when I easily thought our A/C would be dead, but she would always find a way to make it 12 once again. When she finally graduated from heating and A/C School, she was even recruited by a local company who was independently and privately owned by a woman. They were very interested in adding another female heating and A/C device technician to their staff.

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