Quality standards

I purchased my first home about eleven months ago. Since then, I’ve experienced a lot of “firsts.” The first time something breaks or needs upkeep is always a learning experience.  Taking care of the house has taken some getting used to. There are still things that come up that take me by surprise. Like when my Heating or A/C component has an issue, I had not idea of what to do.   I didn’t realize how much Heating or A/C related repairs could cost. The expenses add up super quick when parts needed to be replaced. At one point, I was forced to replace the whole cooling system. I struggled to get the money together so that I could get the air conditioner fixed. On the plus side, the current A/C equipment is way better.  I am convinced it was worth the money I spent on it! It’s way more energy efficient, so my monthly electric bill is much cheaper. I also updated the control so that I have separate zones in the house. This has made my life more convenient and I don’t need to heat or cool empty rooms. I’m so happy with it, and the house is far more comfortable.   At least I am prepared now to deal with Heating or A/C issues. I have now set aside extra money for home emergencies. I’m not looking forward to dealing with issues, but I am more confident. The A/C is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, so at least I won’t need to pay for those repairs.

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