Radiant floor heating

I never really knew what radiant floor heating was until I experienced it in my new home. Radiant floor heating can come from either an electric or water based system. Our radiant floor heating is electric based and is also based through the warm air in our downstairs. We have a few air vents that are installed on the first floor ceiling which goes to the upstairs floor so the floor is warm. It is really advantageous that we have this feature because when we wake up during a cold winter morning, our feet hardly ever get cold when we walk on the wood floors. Eventually we would like to have the electric based radiant floor heating on our second floor. There are a lot of pros when it comes to having electric base heating. Not only is it energy efficient because it saves 15% on heating bills, but there are no cold spots, and there is very little maintenance. Radiant floor heating is not like an hvac system where the hvac system has to be inspected, and cleaned by an hvac professional like with our furnace every year. What is really nice about our radiant floor heating is that since we don’t have that maintenance, our hvac technician installed the flooring with a lifetime warranty so if there’s any issues down the road it is completely covered and we do not have to pay anything. I hope that the floor would come with a lifetime warranty since since we did invest thousands of dollars into this type of heating system. Overall, it is worth it in the end and I recommend it to everyone.

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