Radiant flooring is just a dream

My feet are always cold. It doesn’t matter if it is the middle of a mild winter or during the hottest months of summer, my feet never seem to feel warm. I bundle up with thick wool socks to try to keep them toasty. Of course, wearing wool socks during the winter might seem ordinary, but imagine wearing them in the summer. I get the strangest looks and of course, I am constantly made fun of by my friends. No one seems to understand how cold my feet really are. I have been this way since I was a child and I would get my feet as close to our heating unit as I could to try to warm them up. Which is why it is my dream to have heated floors. I have a vision of installing a new HVAC system and with it having a heating system that will heat all of the floors in my home. All I would have to do is just turn on the heating unit and let the HVAC system do its job. I often daydream about calling an HVAC installation team and telling them it is time to come and install the new heating system in my home. I can almost feel the heating unit rumble underneath my feet as the floors begin to heat up. But all of this is just a dream. New heating units can be very expensive, especially if I want heated floors. For now, I just have my old heating and cooling system and my trusty wool socks.

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