Radiant flooring request

My life this past year has been great but also very hectic.  After relocating to an entirely new area for work, I signed a lease on a apartment that’s turned out to be quite the challenge.  I have the bare necessities. There’s -light, water, electric, but other aspects are cause for concern. For example, the cooling system is sufficient for the mild summers here, but the heating equipment is less than adequate.  I’m not one to complain, but last season’s Winter weather was not something that I never want to live through again. Without adequate heat, it was awful. I have visited the homes of my neighbors on each side a few times last year.  Doing so made me realize the extent of my heating problem, and I decided to do radiant flooring. Intent on resolving my concerns prior to this year’s chilly Winter weather. I called an HVAC contractor, explained the depth of the discomfort I went through last year and the home’s predominantly hardwood floors.  He recommended a replacement of the heating system. The HVAC company was considerate even beyond what I was anticipating. I agreed to have the heated flooring installed, and they sent an installation representative out to my place that same weekend. I was on hand for the entire installation and the process went smoothly.  The work was done properly and the service tech was very professional about explaining how everything operated. He explained the new thermostat and the remote control. The radiant floor maintains the ideal temperature and the floors provide even heating, even during winter’s worst.

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