Radiant floors are the best

The wifey and I have been considering an upgrade to our Heating and Air Conditioning system, though we’re not certain of what’s out there to choose from. Both of us decided to call an Air Conditioning and Heating company to see what our options included. I had to admit, we were surprised by all the options available for our home! We’ve had our Heating and Air Conditioning system for so long, and it’s particularly incredible to me how far the heating plus cooling industry has come since we last touched up our system. I mean, we have come to learn about geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning, radiant floor heating, smart thermostats that are more efficient, heat pumps and more! It was overwhelming to a degree, so we decided to have a professional from the Heating and Air Conditioning service company visit our property. The consultation was free – if we settled on an option! The Heating and Air Conditioning pro got us thinking that the radiant floors would be perfect! Combined with rapid-cooling air conditioning, we ultimately came to find that the ductwork is much smaller in diameter – and circular, if that didn’t give it away. The system provides cooling to the household and chills the home within an hour! I can’t wait to try that out when our house is hot from the summer heat. Cooling everything down in minutes would be nothing short of miraculous! So all of us decided to proceed with our new Heating and Air Conditioning system plans. Everything was said and done, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. It is absolutely fantastic to walk across the floor and feel your feet warming up, heating your body in turn! It’s the best feeling to me. You have to experience it to understand, trust me. I’m going to have to request radiant floors to all of our friends plus family! Seriously, it’s the best!

radiant flooring