Rapid heating and cooling fits our home best

When my fiance and I bought this home, we knew we wanted to get central air as soon as we could. While this region is normally known for having longer winters, we’ve been feeling the effects of climate change really hard. While the winter is still a menace, our summers are boiling hot. I’ve never seen anything like it, though I’ve been told this is because I’m young yet. Regardless of the history of our climate, currently there is a major need for central AC in my area. However, the problem is that a lot of homes are from an older era, which ours is from, so there isn’t always room for the ductwork needed to make central air conditioning a possibility. Well, fortunately for my fiance and I, there is a new type of heating and cooling that allows for more possibilities for HVAC installation than ever before. Rapid heating and cooling is a unique type of HVAC system that requires a specific ductwork in order for it to work. This narrower ductwork allows you to heat and cool your home faster than ever before, so you can feel the difference just minutes after adjusting your thermostat, rather than an hour. Not only that, but the narrower ductwork is a lot easier to fit in a home. This allows my fiance and I to make it work for our home! It should go without saying that this rapid heating and cooling system is a lot pricier than a standard HVAC unit, but we think it’s absolutely worth it.

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