Rationing the oil once again

I feel like we just did this dance last month, but we’re already at the point where we need to get oil again. The problem is, all of my roommates and myself only get paid every other week. This means that we’re struggling to pull the money together just to keep our home heated comfortably. Plus its right after the holidays, so naturally all of us are broke and have zero money put aside until our next paycheck. We barely even have the cash to put gas in the car and make our commute to work. Just like those families did during the war time, my roommates and I are rationing our oil use. It’s a little trickier than most for us too. This isn’t just a matter of not turning up the thermostat, it’s the water, it’s everything! Our rental home is heated with an oil boiler, so our hot water is also powered by the oil too. That means we can’t take baths for the next two weeks, and can only take very short showers. To further save on oil for our boiler, we are only doing laundry in cold water and are using cool water instead of hot to wash the dishes. I loathe that the boiler runs our hot water. I can deal with keeping the thermostat a little lower to make it last till the next paycheck, but to not be able to take a hot bath too is just torture. I’m not going to be happy to spend most of my paycheck on oil for the boiler, but at this point I’ll do anything not to have cold hands and feed again.

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