Ready for my own HVAC again

Going from homeownership to renting is not as straight-forward as I thought it would be.

  • When we first started thinking about selling our home, the thought of a year in a rented home wasn’t all that big a deal.

In fact, we thought it would be a fantastic way to pare down all of our belongings. So we upgraded the HVAC equipment, did a few other upgrades plus got our house on the market. And that house went in like 2 weeks for more than the asking price! This was quite a pleasant surprise. So we rented a 3 study room home plus signed a year lease while we decide whether to build, buy or move to another region plus retire. I’m just many weeks in to renting plus I can say that I absolutely miss my HVAC. Even prior to the HVAC equipment upgrade, we had consistently had nice, reliable plus powerful heating plus cooling. The same could not be said for the home we are renting. It’s now summer time plus the HVAC cooling is quite lacking. During the peak heat hours of the day, the HVAC here has a excruciating time keeping up. In fact, it’s running near non-stop which is absolutely costing me a bunch of money. The rental company is dragging their feet with the HVAC company so I can’t even get the air conditioning tune-up it so desperately needs. Unless this situation with the a/c swings soon, we may have to look into a different housing set up. But more than anything else, I just want to have good, reliable plus efficient HVAC equipment of my own again.


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