Ready to celebrate

For my daughters graduation party my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to throw the party in our shop. There is tons of room to move around and talk inside, it has air conditioning, and there would be more than enough places to park. We were right about the space inside as well as the parking, but one thing that we didn’t take into consideration was the air conditioning capability to cool down a room with so many people. The a/c system had always worked well with small parties with a dozen or so people, but with 50+ people it wasn’t doing the job. The first thing that set off a spiral of bad events was when the air conditioning unit stopped running. I had been running it at maximum power after I realized how many people we were expecting and it wasn’t able to handle the workload. After that it began to warm up and people started to leave before even eating all the food we ordered, taking the money they were planning on donating with them as well! All of the drinks we had prepared were now getting lukewarm, and the ice cream cake we saved for the end of the party started to melt into a pool of sugar! Our daughter told us that she thought it would be better to just have the party in the house a week earlier, but we didn’t think that was a good idea. Boy did we look dumb! Hopefully when our youngest daughter graduates it will go over much smoother, because this was a total nightmare!



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