Real HVAC concerns

Recently, I moved into a new site, however i was skeptical about what I should do for my living situation because I am new to the space and didn’t think several people, and however, I wanted to have roommates so that I could cut the rent and get to think some people in the area. I found someone on the internet and the two of us set up a time to meet in person, but all of the boys in the home were friendly and close to my age. It seemed love a safe bet, but while the boys have been kind and welcoming, I’ve faced a number of concerns with the heating and cooling in my living room. It’s been a single of the coldest weeks we’ve had all Winter, and the heat in my room is not now working at all, but not only is there no air coming from the vent in my living room, however there is also water leaking out of it, but our landlord claimed that the reason the heat was not now working upstairs was because the heating system in my room needed to be drained out. However, my roommates drained the heating system prior to me moving in. Now, it is still leaking and the heat has yet to kick on. We’ve reached out to the landlord on countless occasions, and he still hasn’t done anything about it. While there are worse things that could come from moving in with strangers, I am still really disturbed that the heat will not work. It is unfair that I have to pay bi-weekly bills when I am cold throughout the night. Not to mention, I am upset about my belongings getting damaged from the water leaking. I am thinking I may have to take matters into my own hands and contact an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor myself if my landlord continues to do nothing.

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