Realized we needed a HVAC technician

I always seem to have a difficult time getting motivated on a Monday.  I have spent the weekend with late and unusual hours, and sleeping in till noon.  Now I need to get up early again, and my body still isn’t caught up from the weekend.  Last Monday was the worst. I hadn’t had my coffee, because I was running so late. I made it to work and I heard a really weird noise as I was heading to the break room for coffee.  It was really hot in the building, and I knew the air conditioning wasn’t running again. I tried to adjust the thermostat but that just cemented my feeling about it not working. I was upset over not having coffee and now I had to call the HVAC company and see if they could come out and find out what the problem was with the air conditioning.  I was going to check out the air compressor to see if I could do anything, but I didn’t know anything about compressor. I went back to my office and I made the phone call to the HVAC company. While I waited, I started working on the stack of papers on my desk. I looked at the clock and I realized it was almost lunch time, I hadn’t had my coffee and the HVAC company hadn’t arrived.  I was just getting ready to skip out for lunch and coffee and the HVAC repairman showed up. He assured me he would be fine by himself if I wanted to go next door to the coffee shop, but he asked me to get him the largest coffee they had, because he hadn’t had his coffee yet.

a/c repair plan