Really friendly and helpful Heating and A/C professional

I was still fairly modern to the real world as they call it, as I had just moved out 2 weeks prior, then handling all of my bills and dealing with my genuinely small beach house was hard as it is… Especially since it needed repairs, my pets needed to be taken care of and I needed to focus enough on my job.

Which is why when my furnace stopped working I just wanted to collapse.

I really couldn’t afford more troubles, literally and mentally. I had no experience in Heating and A/C technology or Heating and A/C services, I didn’t even believe who to call. I was on my own, so I had to do a bit of research. I finally found a company that focuses on heating and cooling that could help me. I explained the problem and they within the next hour sent out a Heating and A/C serviceman. That was quick! The man was incredibly nice and friendly, and started telling myself and others the basics of oil furnaces and cooling system units. He also gave myself and others the basics of Heating and A/C repair, and what I could do to prevent any future problems. He took a look at my heating equipment and smiled. The heating equipment was fine, it somehow had turned itself off. He flicked it back on and the heat began to fill the room. I was really relieved to have that problem solved, and to have such a generous Heating and A/C serviceman. He gave myself and others his company card and I made sure to keep it in a safe area, as I absolutely wanted to use their services in the future.

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