Really necessary heating and air

I should have listened to my father when I first got settled into my new house – that man knows everything. He was telling myself and others how pressing the HVAC system was to the home and the air quality within, so I needed to take excellent care of it! I figured he was right and all, though I thought I could get by with minimal HVAC system maintenance for a long time. He was warning me that I should buy the overpriced air filters, and get regular HVAC tune-ups 2-4 times per year! He even went as far as to say that I should have the HVAC ductwork cleaned annually as well. I thought all of that was incredibly high-priced and totally redundant. Besides, I had just bought this house – it couldn’t need that much TLC so soon! So I kept up with the air filter changes, but I wasn’t paying for those high-priced ones. Time passed, and while I figured everything was just fine, I didn’t go for the major tune-up yet because I felt my HVAC system was getting along without any issues. When my father came to visit, he said that it seemed my air quality was pretty bad! Having said my house was quite dusty, he said that I should have the HVAC duct cleaned out as soon as possible. For extra points, he even went to check my air filter and while it was clean, it was a cheap air filter! He showed me the air filter and asked what that was. I said it was an air filter, and he promptly corrected me saying it was useless! I didn’t know what the problem was – I was changing the air filter always! He said that it was basically no good, and I had to use quality air filters to keep the plan working as needed to have better air quality. She said it was no wonder my air quality was suffering. After that I started using HEPA air filters, plus even though they were high-priced, my air quality improved considerably.        

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