Recognizing the concerns and making changes

When our place of employment decided to hold a team building exercise, they wanted the entire department to head out to this neat little park downtown.

The people I was with and I toil about more than one miles away from this park, so the people I was with and I could take public transit to get there.

When the people I was with and I arrived, there was a live band plus plenty of little fun things to do doing around the area! But, I was still among the group that snuck off to find other attractions nearby, then my group of renegades plus myself decided to enter this candy shop, which was actually enormous! The place had special a/cs running, just to keep the air quality superb. These a/c units also helped to make sure the store reMained cool, which I’m sure is why the treats in all their displays looked so charming! No one wants to buy melted chocolates, right? Anyway, the people I was with and I wound up lingering in that candy store for over an second just to appreciate the a/c plus the fresh air. Meanwhile outside, the rest of the group had resigned themselves to resting in thewarmsun, just to get a close seat to the live band. I prefer live tunes as much as the next guy, but not enough to suffer through awarmandwarmday outside with no no a/c available! When it was finally time to head back to the office, I could tell that the rest of our group was eager to rest on an air conditioned tram until the people I was with and I arrived at our office plaza. I simply felt relaxed, plus cheerful with our choice to split from the group plus tour a candy store.


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