Redoing the floors anymore-heated floors

My wife and I are wizards with tile cutting. We have been updating our home one room at a time. We both agreed that the look of tile is way better. We ripped out the old shower stall and made it a tile bathroom. We redid the kitchen with tile. Now we are tackling the floors in the home. We have removed the carpets in every room and the old flooring underneath. My wife had a brain blast the other day. She said that we have the house all set up for heated flooring to be installed. You need to remove the floors before the radiant heater is installed underneath. We technically could have the electric heated mats put right in and then just cover it up with tile. I did some research and it is almost like fate is telling us to do it. I found out that tile is the best surface to have heated flooring. Carpets trap the heat under it. You can hardly feel the heated flooring with it. Tile takes the heat and holds the warmth the best. A lot of people complained about the price of the installation. Setting up the tile was time consuming and expensive. My wife and I already have the materials and budgeted the cost. We have the tile cutter all ready to go. The price is nothing to us. All we would need is the heated mats. I think the two of us could do the heater installation on our own too. It looked quite simple and it will save us even more money not using a professional.

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