Refrigerant leaks are an issue

I am literally dying in my cottage… I technically have central air conditioner, but there must be something wrong with it: no matter how cool I set our temperature control at, the AC can only make our lake home around 68 degrees! There must be something wrong with the cooling system right? I don’t believe that everyone deals with this problem. I have tried looking up what to do to assist the air conditioner, plus nothing has worked. Online said that it could be a cooling filter issue. If the AC filter is clogged with dust, the air conditioner does not work as well. It is sluggish, tired plus not as effective. I looked into it plus our air filter was fine. I still cleaned the air filter anyway, just being hopeful there though! Another solution I found online was to vacuum out the inside of the cooling system. I cleaned the fan blades, wiped the cooling coil plus cleaned out the condensate drain too. Cleaning the AC unit seemed to do really nothing to its effectiveness. The most recent thing I tried was messing with the refrigerant levels. I added more refrigerant thinking it might act as like fabric softener, providing our cooling system with that extra kick. Nope, I still am dripping with sweat to death due to not undoubtedly great AC. I am running out of ideas on what to do for myself. I know that I can’t go on with this awful cooling situation. I sweat through all of my clothes plus sheets every night, and eventually I will need to be comfortable in my own cottage.

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