Refrigerators and freezers and climate control

I honestly don’t know what we would all do without good refrigerators and freezers to preserve our food. I mean, did people literally put ice in a box back in the day, and that was supposed to be sufficient? I cannot imagine having to rely on such primitive methods to ensure that food doesn’t spoil. I really didn’t start thinking about such things in earnest until I started working in the dairy and frozen section of my local grocery store. From the first day on the job, a distinct impression had been left on me of just how advanced climate control systems have gotten in today’s day and age.I was issued a company jacket for comfort while working in the freezers, but I didn’t think I would need it. That opinion changed very quickly after the first day. From that point on, I had that jacket on and those gloves secured around my hands before I ever set foot in the freezer. Ironically, the effectiveness of the actual stores HVAC system meant that after only a few minutes of being out of the freezer, I was warmed up to the point where I longed to take that jacket off. The thing was, that by the time I started feeling that way, it was time to head back to the freezer anyway. I was told that these extreme fluctuations in temperature and the potential health problems that they can cause was part of the reason that freezer workers were paid just a bit more than your typical center store associate. Well, despite how powerful the climate control system is, both in the store and the freezer itself, I guess I’m lucky in that I have not gotten a cold yet, despite the fact that I’ve been working here for a few months.

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