Regrettably the A/C appliance wasn’t working at the restaurant

I seriously can’t believe that the a/c appliance stopped working at the restaurant where I took my date.

It truly seems as though something consistently goes bad whenever I meet a nice boy.

It also seems as though the Heating and A/C appliances wherever I am experience trouble. When I went on a date, it had to have the a/c appliance breakdown. I don’t suppose that there could have been a worse time for the a/c appliance to stop working. It was the middle of the warm season, and the hot and cold temperatures were a lot hotter than usual. I don’t have an a/c appliance in my dwelling, so I knew that if I wanted to care about our evening with my date, I would need to take him anywhere where there is an a/c appliance. There is an awesome restaurant in our area, however it is entirely fancy, and you have to make a reservation to be able to eat there. I figured that if it was costly enough for reservation, it must be costly enough to have a properly maintained a/c appliance. When we made it to the restaurant, we quickly noticed that there weren’t a lot of people there. When we got into the building, I instantly understood why. Without the a/c appliance, the building was roasting. The ovens were all working, and the open spit of fire was toasting up the whole inside better than any gas heating appliance. Immediately, my date and I considered going anywhere else with a certainly working a/c appliance, however they offered a massive discount. With an a/c appliance or not, we could entirely care about an all-you-can-eat dinner for more than a 50% discount.
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