Reliable HVAC unit

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door after a long day working on Wednesday night last, was the sticky, muggy, stifling feeling awaiting me inside. As usual, I had expected to be met with a cool rush of air conditioned bliss when I stepped in the front door.  Instead, the inside of my house was just as distressing as the sticky southern summer season outdoors. Immediately, I went over to the Heating & Air Conditioning control panel & cranked the temperature down. The numbers on the screen hastily quickly lessened & I fervently anticipated the cooling air to blast out of our Heating & Air Conditioning vents & embrace me in a blissful Arctic blast. Nothing. I changed my clothes & waited some more, but still no relief. The inside of my house felt like an oven

          . I flicked on our ceiling fans & started tinkering with the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, for there must be a reset button or something. Youtube provided a few ideas, but I actually had no knowledge of what I was looking at.  I was in a load of trouble. There’s no way I could stay in our house at these hot temperatures. It was dangerous and uncomfortable. I needed help.

Searching through my filing cabinet, I located the number of our Heating & Air Conditioning provider. They answered hastily & dispatched a Heating & Air Conditioning worker out immediately for emergency a/c repair.

           The Heating & Air Conditioning worker arrived within the hour… He had our plan working right in no time. Soon, cool, refreshing air once again drifted through our rooms & our house no longer reminded me of a steam room. I was so thankful for quick, quality help & for a finally working a/c!