Relying on the ac

I wonder if people realize how much they rely on their heating and cooling systems. I mean, I know that I didn’t put much thought into this until I moved into a new home where the air conditioning system was somewhat unreliable. Seriously, once a month I would have to call the property owner to ask if she would call an HVAC professional to come out and repair it. It became a huge burden because I would be forced to spend a day in the heat while I waited for the HVAC mechanic to get there and get the cooling plan back to normal. Plus, each time this would happen, I would have to turn on our ceiling fans at their highest speed and open the windows just to keep the air circulating. Still, on a sizzling hot day, it didn’t even come close to feeling as comfortable as it would have if the air conditioner had been on, but this was consistently a shock to the system because it made me really ponder how much I depend on an HVAC component to remain comfortable. In the past, we have dealt with air conditioning system outages in our office too, and getting any work done in the heat was no easy feat. I was quite relieved when the air would start running again. I guess people should try to put more thought into how they use appliances like this because we would all be moving a bit more slowly if we lacked a way to stay cool during the summer. I know I certainly would!

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