Reminders in the mail

I really love my heating and cooling provider. I’ve even recommended the company to a few friends and coworkers. They always provide excellent service. They always show up on time and ready to work. Every Heating and Cooling technician has been knowledgeable and friendly, and they have great service prices as well. I have been using the same company for almost a decade. ¬†Five years ago, they installed a brand new heating and cooling system in our home. Last year, the warranty on the heating and cooling system was up. That’s when I started having a yearly checkup performed on my heating and cooling system. I’ve wanted to be aware of any small problems, before they became a large nuisance. A yearly checkup is the best way to care for your home heating and cooling system. After the first appointment, I started to receive a reminder letter in the mail. The reminder letter comes during the spring. The heating and cooling company sends us a coupon for 10% off as well. After the discount, the heating and cooling performance check up is less than $50. That is a small price to pay, to make sure that the heating and cooling system perform well all year long. The service appointment includes checking on the A/C, heat pump, and our ventilation components. The whole service appointment only takes about thirty minutes, but they thoroughly check each part. They even check the freon levels in our air conditioner. If they find any issues, we also receive a discount on any repairs that are completed during the routine checkup.

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