Removing ac after a cleaning

Our new house is nice but each time I vacuum the carpet, I have to empty the canister in our vacuum cleaner, and it picks up that much nasty filth. I finally decided to rent one of those carpet cleaner machines that uses soap & water to completely wipe the carpeting. It took us all day moving furniture around & intense cleaning the carpets! When the two of us were done, I felt that the house was much more clean but the carpets were still damp. It was the middle of Summer & our hubby said that we should open up the house so it would dry out, however, I looked online & it said to keep the air conditioner on to take out the humidity. I was pretty surprised at this. Who knew that cool air was better than hot and humid air in drying out carpeting? It makes sense because that is what air conditioners do; they remove the humidity from the air, but this online suggestion made me excited too because I absolutely didn’t want to open the house up & let in all of hot air from outside. Besides, the air outside was just as humid & I was already warm and sticky from working so hard all day long. It was nice to put our feet up & sit in our air conditioned kitchen & let the air conditioner do the rest of the work, then a little television & a cold iced tea & I could finally relax. I fell asleep within minutes. I woke up a few minutes later to a cool house & dry wipe floors.

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