Removing as much radon as I can

I have frequently wished to afford my own home. I have rented various apartments for nearly the past twenty years and I think I’ve had enough of paying rent. I have a wonderful job and earn a great paycheck.  However, for some reason, I can’t seem to save adequate cash for a down payment. Sometimes I think it is just for the best. After all, owning a home means all sorts of headaches and work and a drain on the budget.  Who has time for all that household upkeep and repair? I have a buddy named Anthony who just recently bought a house. This house has been nothing but stressful and costly for him. Anthony just had to replace the foundation.  It was literally crumbling beneath the house. I didn’t know that cinder blocks could disintegrate like that. In the middle of that job, he discovered another complication. He had a high concentration of radon gas. Radon is very dangerous.  It is most often found in the basement. The source is the soil surrounding the home. The radon takes on a gaseous form. It infiltrates the home through any apertures in the foundation. Anthony was faced with a high amount of radon and a severe safety risk. He  handled the situation through a professional contractor. They installed a ventilation system with a fan. This ensures that the radon escapes harmlessly into the atmosphere. It was not overly costly and now Anthony doesn’t have to worry about radon gas in his basement.