Removing pests

I’ve just about had it with living in the south.

It’s not so much the heat and humidity that has driving myself and others insane, and I’ve even gotten used to the weird cultural differences…

But the prevalence of bugs and household pests has easily overwhelmed me. I thought it was terrible enough when I would run into the occasional palmetto bug, or a few soldier ants were Apriling through my kitchen, but now things have gotten to a ridiculous level. The outdoor pests have overtaken my indoor air handling control equipment, and that isn’tgoing to work for me. About a week ago I started noticing these awful scratching sounds coming from in my walls! Eventually, I called out a heating, cooling, and ventilation specialist to investigate the air ducts for me. At that point, they regretfully informed myself and others that my ductwork had been massively destroyed by a horde of mice. The air channels had been torn apart and filled with feces, nesting material, and fur. My air vents and air filters were completely filled with debris, and I needed an immediate Heating and A/C ductwork overhaul to continue living safely in my house. The exterminators and the certified Heating and A/C workers came through and repaired my mouse infestation issue. I thought that everything was kosher once again, and I was happy to use my air conditioning without worrying about creature contamination. For about a week, that is. I think my Heating and A/C system is an ecosystem like any other, because as soon as 1 species moved out a new 1 moved in. I was sitting on my bed the other afternoon, when I looked up and noticed thoUnited Statesnds of baby spiders dropping out of my air vent. At this point, I might just move.
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