Removing the dirt

I made a huge mistake last week and went to a hot yoga class. My friend Stella was all over me that I had to try yoga. Apparently it is great for a fitness lover like me and it promotes relaxation. I just did not think that yoga was a good enough work out for me. But, because Stella would not drop it, I decided to try one class. Stella and I at random went in on a yoga class. We accidently signed up for hot yoga. Hot yoga is not a sexy version of yoga. You are not doing erotic poses and feeling empowered as a woman. Nope, this means the yoga class had the heater cranking. These lazy slugs use a heater to sweat and not quality cardio. That is why all the yoga goers think they are getting a good workout! The heating system tricks them into feeling they are working hard. Stella was all about the hot yoga though. She was saying how cleansed she felt afterwards. I just felt disgusting. The heating system made me all oily and slick. I kept thinking about all the acne that was going to be on my face afterwards. I also felt I was paying for a service that is literally at my house. I could hold poses and stretches in front of my furnace for free. I could put on relaxing music and have Stella do it with me. I would have saved the money and been able to shower right after the class. Don’t waste your money on hot yoga in my opinion.

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