Rent or own a new boiler?

My business needs a new boiler system. Our current machine is too small, too old and needs to go. I right now am trying to decide if I want to rent or own the machine. What one is better? From what I have read online, renting a boiler for my business might be the smartest move. First, when you rent a boiler, that cost is significantly lower than purchasing. A lot of people do temporary boiler rentals to determine which model of boiler works best. I could try a boiler model for a month, decide I don’t like it and get a new one for my facility. When the time comes that I want to purchase, I will know the exact kind and size that I want. Another benefit of renting is that the repairs and maintenance fall on the company that I rent from. The company will come in for unexpected noises, decreased efficiency or even just routine boiler service. None of those expenses come out of my pocket. Most companies offer 24/7 emergency repair and will respond immediately to anything wrong with the boiler system. My business will not suffer without heating longer than a day. If the boiler did all the sudden break down, the company I am working with does portable boiler rentals. The unit is able to be driven to my facility in a few hours and hooked up easily. It has the best boiler technology around. I know eventually I will purchase a boiler, but I like that I can shop around first.


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