Rental car cooling

I didn’t notice that the air conditioner wasn’t working in my rental car the first few days because the weather was nice and cool, but later, the most important day, I particularly observed it; I had traveled to the Midwest to attend a wedding; And of course, it was the day of the wedding that I most needed the air conditioner system and didn’t have it. I had to drive to the event all dressed up nice and perspiring sweat like a pig… Needless to say, I wasn’t absolutely pleased or happy. I then took my seat outside, with all the people around, and watched the ceremony. It was particularly very moderate warm that day, but too bad I had planned for cooler weather. In the end it didn’t absolutely matter really. The wedding was beautiful and no one at all was looking at how covered in sweat I was anyway. The wedding reception was soon moved indoors and I was thrilled to see that the air conditioner was working inside the building so I was finally very comfortable, then by the time all of the festivities were over it was night so it wasn’t too terrible and awful driving back to the hotel in the rental car without a/c. I don’t think if I should tell the rental car corporation company about the complication when I return the car or not, then on the other hand, I may get some sort of a discount. On the other, they may charge me for damaging the vehicle although really and truly I didn’t do it! Who would have thought it would be so moderate and very hot in the Midwest in late October anyways?

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