Rental HVAC units

There are times when you set your goals, knowing that you have to do a bit of suffering to achieve those goals.  My wife and I are finally going to be able to take the vacation of a lifetime, but we are going to have to focus and tighten up on our spending.  We want to be able to go north and camp out in a field. From there we will be watching the Northern Lights as they sent up their glorious rays into the sky.  I know that this will be expensive, so we have opted to curtail a lot of our spending on the luxury items. We are buying the cheapest toilet tissue we can buy, and if we have to eat noodles for the next six months, then so be it.  We are also eliminating using the air conditioning. I know that most people don’t think of their air conditioning as a luxury and neither did I until we decided to save for this trip. I think we will be fine using our portable fans and the standing fans.  Although they technically only blow the heat and humidity around the house, they will still give some cooling for us. As long as I am able to get enough sleep to be able to go to work, I know we’ll be fine. Then after we come home from our trip, I think that the air conditioning will still be a luxury.  We’ll possibly be setting the thermostat much higher, because we’ll be used to nothing, and we’ll save a ton on our energy bills.

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