Rental place

I went on vacation a few months ago and rented a place online. When I travel, I don’t pay much attention to getting the biggest or fanciest place. Most of the time, I don’t want to spend much time at my lodging location other than to shower and to sleep. The point of traveling is to experience a new place. Therefore, I try to spend as much of my time as possible on other things like the local attractions or experiencing the local cuisine. However, I think I may have cared a little less than I should have this last time around. The thought of heating and cooling didn’t even enter my mind. I walked into my vacation rental at the end of a long day. I spent the entire afternoon at the beach and was feeling moderately dehydrated. I was met with what felt like warmer air than what was outside! I was in desperate need of some cool air and relief. I was so disappointed. I ended up taking a cold shower in an effort to cool myself down, but it was impossible to stay in the place without overheating and sweating! I ended up leaving to go to a local coffee shop just to enjoy some air conditioning. It was such a relief to finally feel some cold air. I ended up going to that coffee shop every afternoon for the rest of the week! I couldn’t believe how foolish I had been. How could I plan a beach vacation without considering whether or not I would have access to air conditioning? Next time I go on vacation, I will make it a priority to check for air conditioning. This is not the kind of mistake I will make twice!

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