Renting a cabin and the heated floors

This past winter, my friends and I decided it would be fun to rent a cabin for a weekend getaway. We figured that this would be a good way to reconnect, since we are all busy with our jobs and families. It was a cheap and convenient way for us to escape for a girls weekend, but I underestimated how cold it would be outside. Luckily, a couple of the girls were smart enough to bring space heaters. The cabin was heated entirely by a fireplace. The fireplace did provide some warmth, but it didn’t compare to what we were used to with the heating in our own homes. It was tolerable to deal with the cool, drafty air when we were awake and doing things during the day, but it was difficult to sleep at night. We huddled together and pointed both the space heaters in our direction. One of my friends even caught a cold because she was not used to such cold temperatures! We all are accustomed to setting our thermostat at about seventy two degrees at the beginning of the winter and never having to worry about being cold from that point on. I was delighted to come home to my beautifully heated home. This year, we decided we wanted to continue the tradition, but we’ve upgraded to a more comfortable getaway. We decided to spend the extra money to rent a place to stay in a winter lodge. While I am excited for the amenities, like the pool and the room service, I am most excited for the radiant heated floors. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be warm and cozy. Radiant heated floors are infinitely more effective than a couple of dinky space heaters and a poorly kept fire.

radiant heat