Renting a home with friends and zone controlled HVAC

I really enjoy the home that I live in now with my wife and daughter. It’s a very comfortable abode, and we all feel that way. However, there’s a very good reason for that: I installed zone- controlled heating and air for our climate control system. I had been turned on to this excellent form of climate control about eight years earlier, when I rented out a home with some college friends. We were all just out of college, and although we had become best buds, there was one thing we were always bickering over in our dorm room. We could never agree on the temperature to set for the thermostat. When the three of us started looking for a home to rent together as we were starting our new careers, there was one ad for a home that really got our attention. This home was to feature zone controlled-HVAC. The ad broke down the concept for us: several different zones of the house had their own thermostats and could be set to their own temperatures. We were absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of being able to set the temperature to whatever we desired in our own bedrooms! The rent for the home was honestly a bit more expensive than some of the other choices, but we were sold at that moment. Sure enough, we never really bickered about the temperature, except for the living room occasionally. Once I moved into a new home together with my wife, I just knew that we had to have zone controlled HVAC. It had spoiled me!

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