Renting office for my candles

I have wanted to start my own candle company for years! The issue is that I have had nowhere to work.

Making candles in my own house started out fine but ended bad.. The different scents would get into my ducts and then the whole house would stink. My wife would complain of a headache and regularly would disturb me while I was working. I started making enough money that I could afford to look for a workspace. I did not want to pay for a huge building though. I wanted a simple office space where I could create. I hunted around the Northland part for an office space to rent, and oddly enough, company space for rent in Northland is quite simple with this a single business. I found them online and they offer a substantial building with several rental units in it. You can rent out different sections of the building. I could buy several units if I wanted too. Major businesses rent out the office spaces. Since I am a single man operation, I only rented out a single office space. It is just perfect for me. The drive to my office is under several minutes and there is plenty of parking. My office space was wide open when I first arrived! Now all my materials for making candles and packaging candles are in this space. I can create, box plus ship all the candles much easier. There are no distractions and nobody cares about the smells. I even had a few neighboring businesses ask about my candles.

Industrial space for rent Northland