Repairing their HVAC

My family and I live in a area of the country that usually sees at least one or many hurricanes every year. Hurricane season is almost like football season in that everybody stocks up on the food plus water they need right before the huge event. Typically the two of us fare pretty well, however the occasional larger storm undoubtedly beats up the town, and last year the two of us got a major hurricane that caused a lot of damage. as part of a cleanup plus restoration team, I was told to help with an house complex that was badly disfigured. Once the power was safely restored, the two of us chose to go to work repairing the HVAC unit in the building to help dry out the building. To assist in this process, in each room the two of us moved to the two of us installed a window mounted air conditioner to help cool the air and take out the humidity. These units sat in the window sill, so they had the added bonus of being out of the way. Usually, the bottom floor was the most heavily disfigured, so the ducting from the HVAC system was rigged to blow all of its air into that floor. Normally each house has its own temperature control and air handler, however as most were disfigured by flooding the main component had to be modified to accommodate the service until a modern system could be placed in. Working as expeditiously as possible, the goal was to get the building in livable condition again so people could go back to their lives. Those window systems turned out to be a real help to the efforts.

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