Rescue success

Many people have heard about all the animals that have been displaced following this past summer’s events.  Wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes have left many of the shelters in the area unable to come to the rescue of these precious lives. Shelters all over the country are trying to help in the efforts to find new homes for them. One of the issues that arises during this process is the need for safe transport to the new locations.  Flying them is normally not an option both financially and safety wise. These animals, in many cases, are scared and injured so they are in need of people who are willing to drive them. There was recently a call for volunteers in our area to do this and I felt the need to do my part. I contacted my friend that owns a car dealership to see if they could help as well.  We rented a large van that could easily hold several cages and equipment if needed. Thank goodness it was air conditioned because, even though it was September, it was still in the upper 80’s down south where we were going. We signed up to do a run from Kentucky to Indiana and knew that we would be on the road for many hours. Without climate control we, and the animals, would be really miserable.  They had already been through so much that the last thing we needed was to make things worse. We successfully and comfortably transported six dogs, nine cats, and two ferrets to a shelter in Indiana where they could be adopted out to new forever homes.

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